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       Here at Whelp Help, I am offering assistance to breeders, hobbiest and dog lovers of all kinds. I have been breeding and showing dogs for over 14 years and have come to terms with the fact that not everyone has time to give the full attention they think their bitches deserve. I offer full service of natural whelping litters as well as aftercare. Sometimes breeders often just need an extra set of hands on hand when their beloved bitch is whelping, or need the extra set of hands when it comes to the care afterwords.

Whelp Help is available on a 24 hour bases by phone or for home visits.



Services offered at Rovers Retreat/Whelp Help
Doggy Daycare $14 per day...........Hours 9-5
Full Boarding   $20 per night
Whelp of litter
Litter care sm  
Litter care lg   
Basic Training
Full phone services

Please call or email for full rates and details.
Email  or call (902)857-9852

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.
Debby Baggs
Hubbards NS